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Wuhan Tianhe Airport Terminal 3 successfully transferred to the opening
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Civil Aviation Resource Network September 1, 2017 News: new terminal, new image, new weather. August 31, early autumn Wuhan Tianhe Airport fresh air, sunny. 7:20 am, with the departure from the new terminal of the first flight - China Southern Airlines CA6175 flight in the runway slowly accelerated, direct blue sky, which lasted nearly 4 years to build Wuhan Tianhe Airport T3 terminal officially opened, from the lift Open a new page in Hubei civil aviation.
At 0:00 am on the same day, the airport group and the resident units race against time, all night, transfer relocation, one-time T1 (international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) terminal and T2 terminal all flights, equipment and facilities into T3 terminal. All day, Wuhan Tianhe Airport to protect the number of inbound and outbound flights 491, more than 60,000 passengers out of cargo, cargo and mail about 50 tons, Wuhan Tianhe Airport safe and smooth operation, T3 terminal order - this is a successful turn field.

In order to do a good job in the T3 terminal to put into operation, Wuhan Tianhe Airport in accordance with the "one-time comprehensive transition of the work objectives", learn from the same level of large-scale airport transition experience, in August 2016 started preparatory work, then Set up a transition put into operation headquarters, under the 13 professional working group, formed a 605 progress task. Period, the cumulative organization of more than three people to carry out three large-scale comprehensive exercise, two special exercises; debugging the core system 17, test baggage more than 260,000 pieces; revised safety, service management regulations 18, recycling operations rules and job rules 831 , To carry out special drills 94; completed 286 training, accumulated more than 10,000 people.In particular, at 31:00 on August 31, the airport group leaders fought in the night, according to the relocation program, the organization and coordination of related work, a number of field visits to check the key locations to encourage everyone in accordance with the pre-war mobilization requirements, adhere to "Eight must" "four to overcome" "four forbidden", orderly to promote the work of the relocation, to ensure the safety of the premise of safe transition, smooth transition.


  Wuhan Airport departments (units), more than 40 resident units of thousands of employees, night to complete the T1, T2 terminal production equipment, material relocation, and synchronization to complete the equipment installation and production system switching; flight area all the protection of vehicles , Facilities and equipment to move to T3 terminal station Ping, and organize the completion of the aircraft ground marking, lighting system switching.In order to ensure the smooth and smooth flight of passengers on the day T3, the Airport Group is committed to the operation and operation of the first day after the transition work in the morning. More than 70 volunteers arranged every day, in the T3 terminal and key places such as passenger-intensive areas to provide inquiry guidance services, the resident units have also organized volunteer to do the passenger service work; the same time, adjust the venue traffic, The bus is used to operate on the 9th and 13th stops of the T3 terminal by means of a two-lane operation. The passenger traffic guide and the opportunity guide are made to clarify the seven modes of transportation.

T3 terminal is the airport three expansion project control and landmark project, an area of 495,000 square meters, in July 2012 to start construction, after tens of thousands of builders more than 5 years to day, courageously fighting, August 15, 2017 Through the industry acceptance. Wuhan Airport Phase III expansion project to 2020 target year, in accordance with the annual passenger throughput of 35 million passengers, cargo throughput of 440,000 tons, the aircraft takeoff and landing 40.4 million target planning and design, including Terminal 3 (T3), flight area, transportation center, suburban railway, subway, air traffic control, oil and other seven major projects and 122 single project, a total investment of more than 40 billion yuan. The opening of the T3 terminal will speed up the construction of Wuhan Tianhe Airport into a central international aviation hub, a civilized image window and opening up the high ground, and further accelerate the construction of an integrated transportation system in Hubei Province, deepen the structural reform of the supply side, Open the pattern, to achieve economic and social transformation and upgrading, better integration of Hubei Province, "one way" and other national strategies to accelerate the "build fulcrum, walk in the forefront" is of great significance.

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